This project monitors support for different features across multiple libraries.
The goal is to encourage feature parity and better understanding of what is and should be available.

You can find the code behind this site at net-feature-tests GitHub project.

Please note the following:

  1. The list of features is based on what I consider to be important. It is not an objective measure on which library is "better".
  2. It is not possible to test for all features automatically. For example, extensibility is very important, but impossible to test/measure.
  3. The test about might not necessary be up to date (see the version for each library).
  4. The test code should not be seen as best practice for each library — it forces all of them to the same test interface.
  5. I am not an expert on all libraries and not all adapters were reviewed by authors. So feature may fail because of incorrect adapter.

Thanks for reading!